Sept. 18th

Very little to report here, except August-like temperatures! However, there is another hurricane, and this is a tragedy.

Sept. 17th

Sept. 10th – looks like a nice week!

I'm sure Hurricane Irma, now a tropical storm, will send some rain next week. Then, Hurricane Jose is still figuring out a plan.

Sept. 9th – crazy people watching for Hurricane Irma on live camera!

Sept. 7th

Sept. 6th – Hurricane Irma is followed by Jose, and Katia.

Joker says Trump won't allow Jose into the US. They'll be OK.

Sept. 5th – Hurricane Irma

Sept. 4th – on its way, 1 mm only!

September 3rd – Hurricane Harvey's remnant's move north: 17.8 mm

September 1 – no rain, but chilly temperatures!

Hurricane Harvey is now a storm, headed this way. Perhaps by Sunday. I will have to get that wood stacked!

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