Monday, 11 December 2017

Narrows Locks

On our way to Newboro (Another adventurous drive), we stopped at Narrows Lock, on Rideau Lake, as we spotted the swans. They are back to refurbishing the locks in the off season (Day trip: March 23rd), we photographed it last year. Our tax dollars at work!

 It's a huge, old, long system, the Rideau Canal, and should be taken care of. It opened in 1832, and is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Good old mechanical engineering! Like all of us, it wears with time. It's a major contract and good employment.

A lovely sight, the swans, Canada geese and ducks.  They know where to be safe. They were off in the distance, just off the point of land. This is with the zoom and cropped!

It's a spot where the lake narrows, and they decided to build a road across. Or they built the locks. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The red pin is on Narrows Lock Rd. Westport is to the west.

We drove across the bridge, then I spotted these in the bay. Hubby parked, and I went back to film them.
Narrows Locks Birds from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Masonry Repairs: Narrows Lock 35 

 In December 2016, Parks Canada began heritage masonry repair work at Narrows Lock 35 located on the Rideau Canal National Historic Site. Work will include stone replacement, grouting and repointing to ensure the continued structural integrity and functionality of the lock. Some of the repairs will occur below the swing bridge, requiring the bridge to be shifted to open position for their completion.
 posted some photos of the inside of the tented workplace.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The furnace is kaput

Daisy likes the heat from the goldfish tank.
It's been a stressful few days. Wednesday we had our furnace inspected. There were issues, including a pinhole leak, and they were forced to shut it down. Thankfully, we have a wood insert in the fireplace in the basement TV room. We only really use it to supplement the heating system, or to warm the basement when some watches TV down there.

Our temperatures have been hovering around the zero mark, just below in the night time.

This morning it was chilly, but the house keeps the heat well, and it was 18 C. when I got up. I have programmed the thermostat to 16 or 17 C. overnight, this wasn't bad.

Hubby is watching curling, with his ledger of statistics, he's a happy camper. I've been watching sappy Christmas movies. What the heck.
Daisy was happy with the basement fireplace!

Anyway, we have lots of wood. The furnace inspector offered us electric heaters, but I knew I could keep this going. We bought 2 cords, which I stacked in August.
The rest of it is in the shed

Mourning dove ON the feeder!
The first night I woke at 3:00 a.m. to make sure the fire was still going. It was.

I wasn't sure how much to bank the fire- it to leave it overnight. It's so much easier to rekindle the fire than to start a new one. So far, so good.

tonight it will be cold!

Upstairs, the tree is lit.
The top lights aren't working.
Perhaps we'll have to buy a new one.
Both my presents are under the tree.
Hubby did this when I was away!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Another adventurous drive

It's healthy to get out in the country. Dec. 3rd, hubby said let's go photograph the Darou-McPherson building in Perth. After that, we drove. This is a backroad, with a wonderful river.

This guy had a hard time. I think they were his dogs, and they got in the car. Hubby kept back until things were good.

We went to Newboro, to browse. Kilborns is a huge store, several buildings, renovated to connect together.
Then, for a late lunch at The Stagecoach Inn. It's lovely. They close at 3:00 p.m., though. We were the last patrons. It was quiet. They are open for dinners on the weekend.

Hubby spotted a hawk. The hawk spotted the car. Off it went. You get the idea!

 Then, just about home, we found two herds of deer feeding on the grass. They could be 'our' deer, as we weren't far from home. The seemed to know that hunting season is over. Hubby turned the car around, and I got a better shot.

This is a drive-by shooting. They didn't pay us much attention! I've often seen deer here.
deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 December 2017


Paint Party Friday: Week 40, Year 7 Check In
I have to post my PPF!

The view from our hotel room last month.
Trip to the Dominican Republic 1: Getting there

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Daisy tales on the frozen pond

A trip to the forest, and the frogpond. Daisy was harassing her sister, so I strongly suggested walkies. Daisy is green with envy. Or wants a playmate. Could be either! We adopted Annabelle 2 years ago (Jan., 2015).

The turkey tail fungus is lovely.

This is the pond from up the hill. Half green, half frozen.

She's a busy girl. She loves skating.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Darou-McPherson Farmhouse

First they took down the old barn.

The Darou-McPherson farmhouse is being dismantled. Hubby had noticed they'd begun taking the farmhouse apart. Photos are required!

 They have had some issues, as swallows  (an endangered, protected species) had moved into the summer kitchen, while council decided what to do about the building. It's a long process.

Here are my previous posts:
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Darou barn being dismantled (Feb. 2015)
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The roof was a bit of a mess.
Darou-McPherson farm house
Anyway, they are taking it down to move it to Lombardy, apparently. There were arguments about its heritage value. It's a common design in our region.
Hubby noticed what was happening and said we should take a look.

Sunday, Dec. 4th.

Wed., Dec. 6th

Hubby took these for me! It must be cold work today. The wind is blowing and it is cold.

Thursday, Dec. 7th

I had my client in the afternoon, since our furnace died, I'm keeping the home fires burning. Hubby went into town to take photos for me. All the stones are marked!