Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Trailcam tails, et al

Butch Raccoon, and then Daisy at 34 seconds in. What a cat. Another raccoons was under the leaves for some reason.

Trailcam tails from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Whilst watching the eclipse, Annie found a tree frog. I don't know what it was doing sitting on the chair, but it did get away.

Then, the cupboard, outdoors, which holds my goldfish pond equipment. Apparently, someone tried to move in. Sadly, there is a wasp nest in the opposite corner, so I couldn't manage too well. I think mousie is gone, I'll deal with the wasps later!

The katydid was atop a new plant. I think it is Veronica. It has yet to flower.

This plane has been coming and going, it says 'survey' on it, so I hope that's what it is doing! Back and forth, back and forth!
survey plane from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Partial eclipse

That was harder than it looked! I used Josee's House for a Mouse box. I hope she forgives me! I tested it first, and a tripod was essential. I tried a shoe box, as well as a colander. THAT was interesting! I even had a faithful assistant, as a feline supervisor. Well, she was moral support. 

I'm going to have to apologise to Red. This is a two-post day, but it was epic!

Eclipse from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Grandsitting 2.6 Friday

Our last morning. The finale.

Firstly, Isabelle's usual parfait was unusual. Yesterday, I suggested that in addition to her single cherry, we add her favourite, a green bean! She was so proud of it. Notice how carefully she watches to ensure I take an excellent photo!!!  I had to take a break from my morning coffee and newspaper.

Izzy made me brekkie, again. Jos slept in.

Next, we had to redo Izzy's village on the table, since the deck was wet, it was cloudy and apt to rain. This was the third day of this saga. We created a 40-page story book. I'm so proud of her. We persevered, every morning. For hours.  Strong characters, the two moms are an astronaut and a doctor. The Crossing Guard has a dog and a snail. The snail has three different pieces of clothing, depending upon the time of day.

Izzy and I finished the story. I entered it all onto the photobook.com online page, having hand written the plot. I exported and loaded the high-res photos, proofed it, and ordered 4 copies. It's 8" x 8", and 40 pages. What a project it was!

Finally, Jos came upstairs, "Afternoon," I said. She giggled. She heard this weird noise. We found it. I think Dorah, who loves the katydids, brought another one into the house overnight. This is Isabelle's photo!

Katydid from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Grampa brought home many Close Eyes this week! The ritual is long, and getting longer.
Now they say, "Swedish Irish Magic Viking Meatballs!" with eyes closed, hands out, waiting.

Close Eyes from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

We didn't accomplish much other than packing and cleaning up the basement. We drained the pool. It was a bitter sweet day, the last day. Grampa went shopping, he bought some flowers for Momma.
The exchange took place in Carleton Place, which is half way for both of us!

Happy to see Papa. A stranglehold! We had lots of fun, but there's nothing like Momma and Papa!

Finally, they were able to present Momma with the book we wrote. It was a huge, super secret surprise. They said it was to arrive in time for them to take it home at the end of last week. But that was not to be. Happily, they took it home with them Friday. Momma was most pleased. I commissioned the horse drawing, and put it into our photos at the Train Museum. We wrote the story as we went along. It added a dimension to the trip, as we've been before.

Gramma and Grampa did laundry, cleaned the beds, tidied up, and vacuumed. Even their froggie friends miss them!

The cats miss them terribly.
The pool is emptied and cleaned. Perhaps, to put it away for summer!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Grandsitting 2.5 Thursday

Thursday, Aug. 17

We began the morning with the story.
Izzy spent hours on this with me, setting it up, then going through the next chapters of her story.

Jos didn't get upstairs until 11 a.m.! She created two paintings, then painted her hand, and then her face.

After pool time, there were bubbles. I made up some home-made bubble goop.
Mix 4 cups lukewarm water with 1/3 cup of honey. Stir until incorporated and dissolved. Try not to make too many bubble in the mix. Then add a 1/2 cup of Dawn liquid soap. We had leftover bubble wands from precious play, and this was fun.

Next, Grampa arrived home and brought more Close Eyes! A t-shirt for Jos and a helicopter, and police cars and trucks for the plasticine village. They checked the pool thermometer as the day passed.

They made their own lunches, as well as breakfast. There was the afternoon movie after we cleaned up, and then we went out to dinner.

Here is Josee snuggling up with Grampa, whilst watching Jeopardy! A touching moment.