Friday, 17 November 2017

I'm on vacay!

We haven't taken a long vacation in ages. 'We' still haven't! I have taken off with my daughter and two grandies for a lovely 8 days. It's a girls' trip! We're at Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo!
Here is the airline tracker for hubby! You can track a map, in real time, of all airlines as they come and go. You can track all flights, or plug in the flight number, i.e., This is our flight to the Dominican Republic 1788, on the 17th!

Poor JB is home in charge of cats, the thermostat, the litter box, bird feeders, watering indoor plants (orchid cactus, goldfish plant, violets), feeding the goldfish, heated birdbath, and snow (should it fall!).

It's a steep learning curve!

My nonegenarian client is quite worried about him! I've left him the recipe for crockpot oatmeal, which will do him for days. Also, I baked a big meatloaf, one of his faves, which he cut up and put in the freezer. And pasta in the freezer, so he'll be fine! She's going to phone him Saturday to make sure he is OK! (Her late husband loathed being alone.)

I'm not a good traveler. We haven't taken but 2 or 3-day vacays in ages. I have chronic insomnia, I'll see what happens.

The weather doesn't look great, but it will be warm!

The remaining cats, Daisy and Annabelle, will manage. Hubby walks Annabelle in the morning, Daisy in the afternoon. That'll be good. Daisy is still jealous of her sister.

I haven't taken a break from blogging in... well, ever! I hope I don't go through withdrawal. This is post #4173. See you in a week!

The orchid cactus has grown since last winter. I hope it blooms again! Hubby has strict watering instructions!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

On frozen pond

It's pretty cold down there at the pond. The pond has frozen. Daisy went skating. The ice is only a bit thicker than the width of my thumb. I tried it, and broke through. I fell on the dock on my behind. I laughed. Daisy sits with one paw up, the rock is pretty cold!

I broke my rain gauge. It was frozen after last week, and I was pouring warm water on it, trying to wrench it off, and the lid popped off and chipped. I was not amused.

Daisy goes skating from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The red squirrel has made a nest (Red squirrel usurps wood duck nesting box), which the mice took over. They came flying out at me when I went to clean it.

Wood duck box #1 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Happy birthday, hubby!

Since we wanted to share the day with the grandies, we drove into the city on Saturday for his Wednesday, birthday. I'd ordered some books, but also some things on his wish list!

We drove through Richmond, and passed by a cold-looking Jock River. The edges were icy, after a sudden flash freeze last week. There are lots of geese in the fields, as well.

Josee and her fun! Caitlin made a pie for the birthday boy. This he cold eat: no yeast, dairy or eggs.

Josee's project on the nervous system, including the brain she made, was a highlight. She had leftover goop, and both girls made some fun things!

After I showed off my pedicure, for our big trip, we compared footwear. In another "Don't tell the kids" moment, although Caitlin noticed, my socks didn't match! sigh.

Practicing selfies with JB's camera. I'm taking his for our trip. It's much more compact.

Then Josee took a turn! "You closed your eyes, Gramma!"
"I was winking!"

A big farewell at the door! Can you see our girls?!

Grampa's loot!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Juvenile birds

It seems late in the year for birds to appear to be juveniles. I think our birds had several broods, based on our nests on our property. Here is a juvenile grosbeak, he was just switching over to his adult male plumage. This was September, 2014.

 I spotted a pair of birds under the feeder on Friday, November 10th. Consensus on the experts on Twitter is that they are juvenile red-winged blackbirds. They will lose the speckles soon.
Blackbirds from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Regarding the feeders...
I've noticed that the one feeder is VERY popular, as it has the rich peanuts and other high protein seeds. That is the longer feeder. Then, I noticed that the brown feeder is more popular than the red one. I think it is something to do with the ledge. The theory is that the large birds won't bother with it, but they do. It was supposed to be for the smaller birds. I think, for my birthday, I want one that excludes the large bully birds, like the blue jays!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Motts Mills Dam

We were wrestling with decisions around our cat, Dorah. Feline Celebration of Life We decided on a drive. I like Motts Mills dam. It's been refurbished to allow the ecosystem to flourish. Our heavy October rains have kept it filled, as much as in summer. You can compare the stream with photos below from summer!

It's popular with the migrating birds, we saw geese fly over, the rest of these photos are from the summer. This, below right, is the dam as it was several years ago. Note the big snapping turtle basking!